Clutter vs. Organization

When it comes to women’s purses, we all know that there are some that are kept immaculate and some that are a giant mess. No two women are the same, and some women have almost nothing in common. This is why women’s purses are kept so differently. Some women are all about grace and order […]

Large Purse vs. Small Purse

The size of a woman’s purse and the sheer volume of contents within it can be telling about who she is as a person. What a woman carries in her purse is no accident. Chances are, she has carefully hand selected every item that she carries in her purse and knows if it is running […]

What the Items in Your Purse Say About You

The average woman carries a purse, but there is nothing average about a woman’s purse. No two women’s purses are identical in shape, size and contents. One might say that a women’s purse is as individualistic as she is. This is because every woman has a different idea about what is essential to tote around […]