Hardly would you see any woman who has no purse, as it is an item which has come to be a permanent belonging of all women. It is also very difficult for you to see two women who have the same shape, size, and contents of purse. It can be correct to say that a woman’s purse is as unique as she is.

When a woman is going out, it can be expected that she would want to take a lot of things along with her. However, there are some occasions where it would not be appropriate for her to go along with everything. Hence, there would be a need for her to select the specific things she needs, and put them inside a purse, instead of a big bag which could typically act as an encumbrance.

Now, the contents of a woman’s purse go a long way in predicting her personality, and overtime, study has shown that the common items which can be found in a woman’s purse tell a lot about her character.

First off, if there are always hygiene items found in the purse of a woman, it suggests that the woman is someone who is very conscious of her hygiene and health. In this purse, you would find items such as medications, doctor’s notes, deodorant and the likes.

A woman’s purse with items such as hair accessories, make-up kits and the likes, shows that the woman is someone who is always mindful of her beauty and physical appearance. Hence, she would make efforts to ensure that whenever she does not feel good-looking, she would excuse herself probably to a convenience, and apply her make-up.

A woman who has items such as a small jotter, pen and the likes, is someone who would most likely be a go-getter and an observant person. Such woman would always be quick to write things down so that she does not leave out any important detail.

Now, it should be noted that the contents of a woman’s purse are not the exact description of who she is. Rather, it gives you an insight into her kind of person, and how you can relate with them.

Conclusively, purse is an integral aspect of fashion which every woman is expected to have.