Purses are item carrying items; they are an important part of a woman’s life and sometimes a man’s life. The items in a person’s purse tell to an extent about the person’s interest, character, personality etc.

People have different perceptions about what they keep in their purse. Some people are very meticulous about what is being contained in their purses, while some people just feel that the items that are in their purses just find their way into it somehow.

Deliberate attention to choosing the items that are contained in the purse is most likely applicable to the women. Irrespective of the items contained in the purse, whether chosen deliberately or unintentionally, your purse says a lot about your personality.

What does your purse say about you?

In the case of people who are very cautious and intentional about their purse items, their purse explains their interest and personal character. If you often have stuffs like powder, perfume, make-up items, and other beauty items that makes you look good, you are likely to be so much concerns about your appearance, and the impression you create in the minds of people just from your outlook. Items like these imply that you are a kind of person that just wants to look perfect for every event.

Some other people may have items such as bondage, aspirin, inhaler, antibiotics, pain relievers, and other health items. We can say such a person is very concerned health issues, either for personal purposes or precautionary reasons. People like that, are likely to have had past experiences on personal health issues or could be a health specialist or someone who is knowledgeable about medical issues.

Persons that are engaged in some occupations like creative art, journalism, writing etc., could be having items such as pen, papers, electronic devices and cameras, which they use in taking observations at every point in time. So the items they carry in their purse in a medium that introduces their profession without words of mouth.

People that are carefree about what they have in their purse may often mislead people, and have wrong assertions made about their personality.

Essentials of your purse

The purse you carry shows to a reasonable extent your level of preparedness. Some women choose to use small purses, some average size, others big size, all of these does not really matter if the right contents are not in place. The purse is supposed to contain items that can stand as a mirror image of your personality. Any item that does not represent the target personality should not be contained in the purse.