A good number of people are not aware of the fact that, a person’s purse has a lot to say about their character.

To make it more specific, the items in your purse, has a lot to say about your character as a whole. For some women who are very observant and calculative, they see the items in their purses as nothing.

There are some women who take time in meticulously selecting the items in their purse, and there are some who choose theirs by the by. Irrespective, the buildup of items in your purse shows a lot about our character.

To start with, if you are someone who keeps personal effects like hygiene items and the likes, then it is very likely that you are concerned about your appearance.

You are the type of person who takes a great deal in ensuring their appearance is top-notch, before they leave home. Also, they also have the mindset that, at some point in their outing, they would excuse themselves, and touch their appearance a little.

People like this are very concerned about first impression, because they know how long it lasts.

For people who carry items like jotters, pens, cameras and the likes, they are usually very observant. People like this like to take note of what goes on in their environment.

Hence, they do not like being taken unawares, so they go along with items which helps them to document what they have witnessed.

There are some people who go around with items which are typically found in a first aid box, and this implies that, they are health practitioners (vet doctors and animal scientists inclusive).

Hence, if there is any emergency around them, they would ensure they stand up to the occasion.

Lastly, there are some set of people whose purses are usually in a cluttered shape. These people do not take time in ensuring the items in their purses are arranged. People like this are so unconventional, and the act based on impulse.



Hardly would you see any woman who has no purse, as it is an item which has come to be a permanent belonging of all women. It is also very difficult for you to see two women who have the same shape, size, and contents of purse. It can be correct to say that a woman’s purse is as unique as she is.

When a woman is going out, it can be expected that she would want to take a lot of things along with her. However, there are some occasions where it would not be appropriate for her to go along with everything. Hence, there would be a need for her to select the specific things she needs, and put them inside a purse, instead of a big bag which could typically act as an encumbrance.

Now, the contents of a woman’s purse go a long way in predicting her personality, and overtime, study has shown that the common items which can be found in a woman’s purse tell a lot about her character.

First off, if there are always hygiene items found in the purse of a woman, it suggests that the woman is someone who is very conscious of her hygiene and health. In this purse, you would find items such as medications, doctor’s notes, deodorant and the likes.

A woman’s purse with items such as hair accessories, make-up kits and the likes, shows that the woman is someone who is always mindful of her beauty and physical appearance. Hence, she would make efforts to ensure that whenever she does not feel good-looking, she would excuse herself probably to a convenience, and apply her make-up.

A woman who has items such as a small jotter, pen and the likes, is someone who would most likely be a go-getter and an observant person. Such woman would always be quick to write things down so that she does not leave out any important detail.

Now, it should be noted that the contents of a woman’s purse are not the exact description of who she is. Rather, it gives you an insight into her kind of person, and how you can relate with them.

Conclusively, purse is an integral aspect of fashion which every woman is expected to have.


Purses are item carrying items; they are an important part of a woman’s life and sometimes a man’s life. The items in a person’s purse tell to an extent about the person’s interest, character, personality etc.

People have different perceptions about what they keep in their purse. Some people are very meticulous about what is being contained in their purses, while some people just feel that the items that are in their purses just find their way into it somehow.

Deliberate attention to choosing the items that are contained in the purse is most likely applicable to the women. Irrespective of the items contained in the purse, whether chosen deliberately or unintentionally, your purse says a lot about your personality.

What does your purse say about you?

In the case of people who are very cautious and intentional about their purse items, their purse explains their interest and personal character. If you often have stuffs like powder, perfume, make-up items, and other beauty items that makes you look good, you are likely to be so much concerns about your appearance, and the impression you create in the minds of people just from your outlook. Items like these imply that you are a kind of person that just wants to look perfect for every event.

Some other people may have items such as bondage, aspirin, inhaler, antibiotics, pain relievers, and other health items. We can say such a person is very concerned health issues, either for personal purposes or precautionary reasons. People like that, are likely to have had past experiences on personal health issues or could be a health specialist or someone who is knowledgeable about medical issues.

Persons that are engaged in some occupations like creative art, journalism, writing etc., could be having items such as pen, papers, electronic devices and cameras, which they use in taking observations at every point in time. So the items they carry in their purse in a medium that introduces their profession without words of mouth.

People that are carefree about what they have in their purse may often mislead people, and have wrong assertions made about their personality.

Essentials of your purse

The purse you carry shows to a reasonable extent your level of preparedness. Some women choose to use small purses, some average size, others big size, all of these does not really matter if the right contents are not in place. The purse is supposed to contain items that can stand as a mirror image of your personality. Any item that does not represent the target personality should not be contained in the purse.