Character Assessment through Purse Items

purse item assessmentThe items in your purse can tell a great deal about your character. Most women tend to see their purse items as nothing more than things that found their way into their purse for one reason or another. Some women choose their purse items very deliberately while others choose them completely incidentally. Regardless, the accumulation of items in your purse reveal a great deal about your personal character.

For example, if it is mostly beauty and hygiene items you keep in your purse, you likely care a great deal about your image and your appearance. You like to freshen up before making an appearance anywhere, and you always like to look your best. You place a lot of importance on the first impression you make on people and you always want to look and smell just right for the occasion.

If you tend to carry around a lot of health items, such as band-aids, aspirin, indigestion remedies, first aid wipes and a thermometer, you are responsible, practical, efficient and you put health and safety first at all times. You likely have some sort of experience in the medical world as a professional. You are often the one that people want around in a precarious situation for your preparedness.

If your pure tends to be full of items such as pens, paper, cameras and electronic devices, you are probably more of a thinker and an observer of people. This type of woman may include artists, journalists, writers, or people in positions of power who have a lot of creative authority in their vocation. They are idea people who are constantly assessing the world around them in order to achieve a higher understanding of it, which they use for their own professional or personal purposes.

And lastly, if your purse is just a big mess, consisting of old receipts, candy bar wrappers, make up, phones, sunglasses, pills, pens, cameras, pictures, “to do” lists and a host of other random items, you are likely scatterbrained and unconventional in how you do things. Your system works well for you and you know that its functional, even if other people can’t see it. You often have the potential to be a creative genius, if you can organize your thoughts enough to assemble them into something cohesive.