How Purse Dependent Are You?

purse dependenceWhat role does your purse play in your life? Are you anxious when your purse is not directly on your person? Could you care less about your purse so long as you know it has not been stolen? Every women has a different relationship with their purse. Some are very invested while others are largely disinterested. Some women carry large purses and others tiny purses. The type of purse a woman carries can say a lot about her.

Women who are very dependent on their purses typically carry large purses containing many items. These are the type of women who are scarcely ever seen without their purses in hand. This indicates a high maintenance type of woman. They tend to fuss over the details of situations and get flustered when unforeseen circumstances arrived. This is why they choose to be overly prepared for unforeseen life situations by packing their purses full of things they are actually quite unlikely to need.

A woman with an average sized purse containing an average amount of things is an example of a reasonably well balanced woman. She is not overly prepared or underly prepared. She has a good sense for what is likely to happen. When situations arise that make her wish she had brought something else along in her purse, they are few and far between. This type of woman is prepared without being fussy and is prepared to improvise in the unlikely event that she will not have something with her that she needs.

And lastly, women with a small purse containing only a few items are low maintenance but also tend to live life taking chances, which can be a bad thing. Women who live haphazardly and show up to most events unprepared can be fun, but can also be a mess. They are carefree and free-spirited, but they are also hard to depend on and other people often have to handle their responsibilities.

All of these women are valuable in different situations. The balanced woman is the most universally functional, but when no one else thought to bring that obscure item that turns out to be necessary, the overly prepared woman will have the last laugh, as will the under prepared woman in the situations where a sizable purse proves to be a hindrance.