What the Items in Your Purse Say About You

purse contentsThe average woman carries a purse, but there is nothing average about a woman’s purse. No two women’s purses are identical in shape, size and contents. One might say that a women’s purse is as individualistic as she is. This is because every woman has a different idea about what is essential to tote around on her person throughout the day. It is impossible to carry around everything you may need, so women make deliberate decisions about what is important to bring with them. It is actually possible to create a profile on a woman by observing the items she keeps in her purse.

For example, hygiene items, such as deodorant and a tooth-brushing kit, demonstrate an awareness and a sense of priority for health and hygiene. Medications, both over-the-counter and prescription, can tell a lot about a person’s health issues or health concerns. Beauty products such as make-up, hair brushes, hair accessories and perfume demonstrate the purse owner’s value on physical appearance. A woman who carries digital devices, pens and paper is likely to be goal-oriented and career-minded, where as a woman who carries baby’s and children’s items in her purse is probably more focused on her familial role.

Understanding a person based on what is in their purse is not an exact science, of course, but it does create a picture of who the person is. Some elements can be considered an exact science. If a person is carrying thyroid medication that is scripted to them, clearly they have thyroid problems. However, there is room for interpretation for many of the items in a woman’s purse. The only way to fully understand someone is by investing time and energy into a relationship with them. But if someone were doing investigative work on a person, the items in their purse would certainly be a valuable tool in creating a profile on them.