Large Purse vs. Small Purse

large purse small purseThe size of a woman’s purse and the sheer volume of contents within it can be telling about who she is as a person. What a woman carries in her purse is no accident. Chances are, she has carefully hand selected every item that she carries in her purse and knows if it is running out, needs to be charged or needs to serve some specific purpose. Purse space is valuable, and many women do not tend to store things in their purse that are not vital to their every day lives. But every woman is unique and the amount of stuff they cart around is actually telling of their personalities.

A woman who carries a lot of items in her purse is someone who dislikes being without. The level of how organized and tidy a woman’s purse is may vary, but a large volume of purse items, whether clean or messy, indicates that the person is more prepared than they are resourceful. They are more likely to be a worrier, a provider, a perfectionist or someone who is simply used to chaos and is accustomed to being prepared for anything.

A woman who carries a small amount typically has more freedom than the woman who comes prepared for anything. The fewer purse contents a woman has, the less she expects to go wrong. A woman with a tiny purse and a limited amount of contents has confidence that she can navigate the average day without being loaded down by items she seldom uses. This type of woman is rarely in a care-giving role or has dependents. Instead, she is either young and carefree or mature and has made very deliberate life decisions. It may seem like what a woman carries in her purse is the way to tell something about her, but actually, how much a woman carries in her purse is its own kind of indication of who she is.