Clutter vs. Organization

disorganization clutterWhen it comes to women’s purses, we all know that there are some that are kept immaculate and some that are a giant mess. No two women are the same, and some women have almost nothing in common. This is why women’s purses are kept so differently. Some women are all about grace and order and meticulousness, while others are about relaxation and fun and being carefree. One can deduce, by how a woman’s purse is kept, which type they are.

Women with organized, tidy purses almost always fit a particular personality profile. One of the strongest attributes an individual can possess is their level of organization. It is what drives people to plan their lives carefully, and execute items on that plan by a calendar and a watch. Studies have shown that women often possess stronger organization skills than men, and their running life inventories are typically more meticulous than their male partner’s are. This is a generalization, not a rule. This attribute may be applied to an exacting profession, such as consultant or records keeping, or it may be devoted to more familial responsibilities.

We have all heard that creative people are messier than the average person. This is not to say that women with messy purses are artists, but it is a nod in the right direction. A messy purse usually indicates free thinking tendencies. Any space that a woman occupies with a mess is probably a sign that she is a circular thinking, right-brained, think outside the box type. This personality attribute is also very strong and distinct. Women of this nature may apply their abilities to a creative career field in the fashion industry, graphic design or some other open-minded endeavor, or they may be a fun and spunky family leader, full of ideas that young people simply love. Both personality types are essential to the contributions that women make in the world.